Disinfection of equipment before use in The Reisa River 2020

Disinfection of equipment such as fishing equipment, canoes, kayak, pack raft etc. needs to be done to avoid transmission of the salmon parasite Gyrodactylus salaris.

Disinfection of equipment can be done at the disinfection stations at:

  • Kronebutikken/
    Address: Meieriveien 14, 9152 Sørkjosen.
  • Halti Visitor Center
    Address: Hovedvegen 2, 9151 Storslett.

The disinfection station at Halti is in general unmanned, but the station will be monitored daily. If you have any questions or there is lack of equipment, contact Reisa Elvelag, phone: +47 91 11 83 99.

The station is open now and you can find guidelines there for correct execution of disinfection. Remember to fill out and sign the disinfection form.

The salmon parasite Gyrodactylus salaris is a threat to salmon populations in many Norwegian rivers. Reisa river is a healthy salmon river with no cases of the parasite.

These simple and legally enforced precautions may prevent the spread of the parasite:

  • The transfer or release of fish within and between water systems is prohibited
  • Do not wash or gut fish anywhere other than where you caught it
  • Moving equipment between or within water systems without drying or disinfecting it is prohibited
  • Do not pour water out anywhere else other than where it was collected


Be sure to check the fishing regulations for Reisa river before commencing any fishing activities.


sign building benches
Disinfection station at Halti
sign building benches