The valley Reisadalen stretches from the coast all the way to Finnmarksvidda in the southeast, in a varied and dramatic landscape. Here you can find an incredible diversity of habitats, plants, animals, fish and birds. There are several protected areas connected to the valley due to the unique nature, such as in Reisa National Park.

The valley Reisadalen is also rich in Sami, Kven and Norwegian cultural heritage. Amazing Reisa is a learning arena for nature and the environment that will ensure pupils and visitors information about biodiversity and sustainability. The exhibition will also show the local population’s important traditions of use, language, and interaction with the landscape they belong to.


We show you some of the magnificence of Reisa – and we’ll talk about the important biodiversity and the sustainability of the future.


utstillingsrom moduler mennesker

Opening hours and contact information

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+47 775 88 251 | +47 906 40 452

The exhibition is made in collaboration between Halti National Park Centre and Reisa Wild Salmon Centre.


We work for long-term nature management and to promote dialogue and cooperation.  We hope this new space and exhibition will become an important meeting place for expertise, culture and sustainable development.