Hikes in and around Reisa National Park

Here are some hikes that are facilitated in or close to Reisa National Park.

The Nordkalott Trail (Kilpisjärvi-Reisavann)

The Nordkalott Trail (Nordkalottruta) is an 800 km long marked hiking trail, leading through the border from Sulitjelma in Nordland county through the border areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland to Kautokeino in Finnmark county. This route enables you to experience northern nature at its best. The terrain varies between high mountains, deep valleys and high plateau landscape. The Nordkalott Trail passes through Reisa National Park and the surrounding areas.

The section of the Nordkalott Trail through Reisa goes between lake Ráisjávri/Reisavannet and Sieimma. The most common option is to walk from lake Ráisjávri/Reisavannet to the end of the road at Saraelv. The total distance is 61 km, which people generally spend two or three days to walk. Here is a brief description of the section of the Nordkalott Trail through Reisa and the surrounding areas.


Hike to til Sarafossen waterfall

Saraelv, 9151 Storslett

The Sarafossen waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Nordreisa and is a majestic sight. It’s easily accessible on foot. It’s a 3 km hike from Ovi Raishiin – Visitor Point. Alternatively, you can park at the car park on route 865, approx. 500 m before Saraelv, and walk from there. A signposted path from the car park leads around 900 m up to the waterfall.


Ørretvannet lake and Puntadalen Valley

Ørretvannet, 9151 Storslett

The hike to Ørretvannet Lake is an enjoyable day trip, approximately 5,5 km one way. You can estimate about 4-6 hours for a return trip.
The starting point of the trail can be found by a sign posted car park by the Puntafossen bridge. Puntafossen waterfall is located 39 km from Storslett on the road up Reisadalen valley.

The hike follows a trail/forest road along the south – eastern side of the river into The Puntadalen Valley. After approximately 3,5 km the trail turns upwards towards the east. The trail will become unclear after a while where the trail flattens out on the same level as Ørretvannet Lake. Look for a red arrow sign right around where the trail disappears. Follow the red markings up towards the lake. The last kilometre can be wet because the trail passes mires here.

Grading: Medium – Suitable for most levels

Alternate route:

The alternate trail to Ørretvannet Lake is shorter and gives you a nice view over the Reisa Valley. The hike is approximately 3 km one way and takes about 2-4 hours return trip.
A marked starting point for the trail is found a short km south of Puntafossen waterfall along the road.

Follow the trail over the river and past the power line clearing. After a while the trail gets pretty steep and you have to climb past a ledge of 1,5meter. After this, the trail is pretty straight forward to Ørretvannet.

Grading: Easy – Suitable for most levels

You can combine the two routes and do a round trip of approximately 10km.

Happy hiking!


Hiking to Sieimma

Sieimma, Reisa National Park

Sieimma is one of the most beautiful places in the Reisa valley and marks the start of Reisa National Park. You will find a fireplace, benches and tables here. An alternative route that does not follow the river makes it possible to visit Sieimma as a loop walk, walking there and back on different paths.

Start your hike from Ovi Raishiin.


Summit climb up Ráisduottarháldi

Ráisduottarháldi (1,361 m above sea level) is the highest mountain in Nordreisa municipality and no mountain further east on the Northern Cap (Nordkalotten) is higher. If you climb to the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular views in all directions, including much of the national park. From the summit, it’s around 2 km to Finland’s highest peak, Halti (1,331 m above sea level).

The summit is situated in the Ráisduottarháldi Protected Landscape Area, which borders Reisa National Park to the west. The best place to start your hike up Ráisduottarháldi is at Guolasjávri, the western gateway to Reisa. The hike is approx. 5 km each way and includes a lot of scree.