Halti, at Storslett by Reisaelva

Halti is the visitor centre for Reisa National Park, where you will find brochures, printed maps, digital map services, information and literature about Reisa National Park. At Halti you can get good advice and tips about walks and activities in the national park.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 15:00


Monday – Friday 10:00 – 15:00


For more information about the national park contact the reseption at Halti, by phone or e-mail.
Tlf: +47 775 88 251 | +47 90640452
Mail: info@halti.no

Landscape foto with river mountain and village


Amazing Reisa – exhibition

Amazing Reisa is a new exhibition at Halti. It tells about the landscape, nature and culture associated with the river Reisaelva. Here you will get to know the wild salmon, the traditional riverboat, the outdoor life in Reisa and learn about the environmental values that exist in the area.

Ovi Raishiin – Visitor Point Reisa valley

Ovi Raishiin is an information point and a viewpoint for Reisa National Park. The place is run by Halti National Park Center AS, as part of the Visitor Center Reisa National Park. Ovi Raishiin means "The door into Reisa Valley" in Kven, one of three languages that have traditionally been used in Rei