The area is accessible to the public year-round. In the summertime, the place is staffed on scheduled dates, but we can arrange hosted visits at other times on requests. Facilities at Ovi Raishiin include:

  • Tables, benches and fireplaces available for use free of charge year-round
  • A toilet which is also open and tidy
  • Places to sit with a roof over your head
  • Poster, maps and information available outdoors year-round
  • Accommodation in cosy cabins (by prior arrangement)
  • The world’s northernmost mountain library (open on request)


This is a good place to visit year-round, either on your own or as part of a group, to enjoy the nature, gaze across the valley and have a pleasant time!

We offer extended services for groups and visitors including coffee (and team) brewed on an open fire, light refreshments and lectures on topics related to Reisa National Park. The content and price are arranged on a case by case basis.

The viewpoint at Ovi Raishiin offers an excellent view into Reisa National Park, approx. 8 km southeast. The Reisa valley narrows towards this point and you can see that the valley becomes narrower and wilder with steep edges.

If you want to experience the Reisa valley and Reisa National Park, you can set off on walks on marked and unmarked paths and trails from Ovi Raishiin or you can book a guided tour from one of the local companies offering this service. We can provide information about this.

View from the viewpoint, towards Reisa National Park.
Photo: Kim Daniel Hansen

About the national park

Reisa National Park covers a natural landscape that is virtually untouched. The Reisa river, one of Norway’s best salmon rivers, flows through Reisa. The river valley is characterized by several tributaries that flow into the main river as waterfalls, such as Mollisfossen with a fall of 269 m.