Ovi Raishiin

Ovi Raishiin is a great place to visit all year round, by yourself or together in a group. Here you can enjoy nature, the view into the valley and have a god time! Bring your own firewood and food that can be grilled to enjoy a nice lunch outside around the fire.

From the viewpoint you can look straight into Reisa National Park, approx. 8 km in a south-easterly direction. Reisadalen gets narrower towards this point, and you can see that the valley becomes wilder with steep edges.

The outdoor area is accessible to the public all year round and here you can find:

  • Tables, benches, and campfire sites for free use all year round
  • Always open and tidy toilets
  • Places to sit with a roof over your head
  • Viewpoint
  • Small exhibitions, posters, maps, brochures, and information available outdoors
  • Possibility to stay overnight in cosy cabins. Read more about Nordkalottstua here


During summer, the area is staffed on regular days. 
Staffed days summer 2023 (19. June  – 18.August ):

  • Tuesday:   10.00-18.00
  • Friday:      10.00-18.00


On staffed days we also offer:

  • Visits inside the timber cabins
  • Visits to the world’s most northern mountain library with several exciting books from the area.
  • Information, tips and advice about Reisa National Park, culture, protection, outdoor life, and recommended hikes in the area.
  • Basic serving of campfire coffee, tea, and snacks.
  • Activity booklet with assignments and information about the national park, nature, animals and culture.


Ovi Raishiin is a natural gateway to Reisa National Park.
From here you can continue for 8 km to Reisa National Park or go on other hikes in the area on marked and unmarked paths and trails. Some of our recommended hikes in Reisadalen valley can be found here. Cultural trail Reisadalen has its starting point very close, at Øvre Kirkestilla. Read more about the hiking trail here.

We offer extended service for groups or visitors on request with campfire coffee, tea, simple food service and talks on topics related to Reisa National Park. If interested, contact us via halti@reisanasjonalpark.no. Content and prices are agreed on in each individual case.

More information can be found at Halti National Park Center in Storslett.

View from the viewpoint, towards Reisa National Park.

Cozy night around the fire in winter

Group getting a talk around the fire about Reisa National Park

Poster excibition about nature with tekst and pictures
Nature information at Ovi Raishiin


Hike along the cultural heritage trail
Hike to Sarafossen
Hike to Ørretvannet
Visit Mollisfossen
Hike along Nordkalott Trail
Hike to Sieimma

About the national park

Reisa National Park covers a natural landscape that is virtually untouched. The Reisa river, one of Norway’s best salmon rivers, flows through Reisa. The river valley is characterized by several tributaries that flow into the main river as waterfalls, such as Mollisfossen with a fall of 269 m.