In the Reisa valley

Wintertime in the Reisa Valley is characterized by frozen waterfalls and ice columns. You can experience this is a beautiful sight by skiing in the national park. The most common ski route in Reisa is from Saraelv and up the valley, mostly along the frozen river. During the Polar Night (from November to January), it’s calm in the valley and twilight during the middle of the day. In the brighter months of February, March and April, the conditions in the valley are at their best and are perfect for winter nature-based experiences.

Please note that the river can be partially open during much of the winter, and snow conditions in the valley and on the mountainsides can at times be challenging. Please contact the Visitor Centre for updated weather and snow conditions before setting off.

Photo: Odd Rudberg


Photo: Eirin Henriksen


In the mountains

To both the east and west of the valley, you will discover large, wide areas ideal for skiing. The most popular is the western side towards the Ráisduottarháldi Protected Landscape Area, Somajávri and the trip across to Finland and Kilpisjärvi. Skiing in this area requires good equipment and experience of being outdoors and navigating in the mountains in the wintertime.