Sieimma in Reisa vally

About 9 kilometers along the Reisa river from Ovi Raishiin, by the Nordkalott route, lies Sieimma. Sieimma offers beautifull natur and is a cultural point in Reisadalen.

If you walk along the Nordkalott route, you follow the west bank of Reisaelva. On this side you will reach Sieimmastua, a cabin that you can book and rent. The cabin was built in 2016 and maintains simple but good standards. On this small opening in the forest there are tables, benches and a fireplace. Siemmastilla is a quiet part of the river, with easy acsess by riverboat or canoe. An ever-so-small sandbank makes a beautiful swimming spot for thoes how are temprature positive.



Follow the trail 200-300 meters past Sieimma, and you’ll come to one of the national park’s cultural and historical landmarks, an old tarred mile. Tar burning has been an important industry for the people of Reisa. It is part of the Heritage Trail in Reisa vally. Here you’ll find  information about life and activities related to tar burning.



Back at Sieimmastilla, visitors also find a small rowboat with oars and life jackets. This is laid out so that hikers can cross the river. On the east bank lies Sieimmahytta, an older cabin of simple standard. This one is open and free to sleep in! Here too you’ll find benches and it’s ready made for campfire.



Follow the path behind the campfire for 50 meters to have a look at the Sieimma rock paintings. The rock paintings  have become one of the main attractions in Reisadalen. It dates to early metal age, ie around 1800 BC. The figurines are similar to humans and animals, and pass on the beliefs and rituals of the past. The rock art is part of Heritage trail, and more information is available on site.