Elvebåttur til Mollisfossen

Mollisfossen is Reisa’s highest waterfall and, with a total fall of 269 m, is a spectacular sight. The easiest way to experience the Mollisfossen waterfall is by taking a riverboat trip from Bilto or Saraelv. The return trip takes approx. 3 hours, including a break at Mollis where coffee is brewed on an open fire.

Photo: Wenche Offerdal
Photo: Asgeir Blixgård

Elvebåttur til Nedrefoss

Nedrefoss, which is in the heart of the national park, is as far up the river as you can reach by riverboat. The riverboat trip is a wonderful experience, which enables you to experience the Reisa Valley in a unique way. From Nedrefoss it’s a 3 km hike to the Imofossen waterfall, where the Reisa river and its tributary Spanijohka plunge into the same canyon. The DNT cabin Nedrefosshytta is situated at Nedrefoss and there are benches and a fireplace outside the cabin.