The Nordkalott Trail:

The Nordkalott Trail (Nordkalottruta) is an 800 km long marked hiking trail, leading through the border from Sulitjelma in Nordland county through the border areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland to Kautokeino in Finnmark county. This route enables you to experience northern nature at its best. The terrain varies between high mountains, deep valleys and high plateau landscape. The Nordkalott Trail passes through Reisa National Park and the surrounding areas.

Here is an overviw of the cabins along the trail and the distance between them:

  • Kilpisjärvi – Saarijärvi: 11 km
  • Saarijärvi – Kuonjarjohka: 10 km
  • Kuonjarjohka – Meekonjärvi: 10 km
  • Meekonjärvi – Pihtsusjärvi: 12 km
  • Pihtsusjärvi – Kopmajoki: 10 km
  • Kopmajoki – Somashytta: 3 km
  • Somashytta – Saraelv/Ovi Raishiin: 31 km
  • Saraelv/Ovi Raishiin – Sieimmastua: 9 km
  • Sieimmastua – Nedrefosshytta: 19 km
  • Nedrefosshytta – Reisavannhytta: 30 km
  • Reisavannhytta – Madam Bongos fjellstue: 29 km
  • Madam Bongos fjellstue – Kautokeino: 22 km
Photo: Ann-Heidi Johansen

The Nordkalott Trail between Imo and Nedrefoss.
Photo: Rune Benonisen





View of Mollisfossen waterfall from the Nordkalott Trail.
Photo: Magnus Rismyhr

Reisavann – Saraelv (58 km)

The section of the Nordkalott Trail through Reisa goes between lake Ráisjávri/Reisavannet and Sieimma. The most common option is to walk from lake Ráisjávri/Reisavannet to the end of the road at Saraelv. The total distance is 61 km, which people generally spend two or three days to walk. Here is a brief description of the section of the Nordkalott Trail through Reisa and the surrounding areas.

Reisavann – Nedrefoss (30 km):

This leg starts at lake Ráisjávri/Reisavannet and passes through varied terrain, including marshlands, bare mountains and birch forest before plunging down into the Reisa valley. The birch trees are eventually replaced by pines as you get closer to the Imofossen waterfall on the way to the cabin, Nedrefosshytta.

Reisavannhytta: km 0
Arthurgammen: km 23
Imogammen: km 26
Nedrefosshytta: km 30

Alternatives: You have two options when you reach Imo:

1: Follow the stream down to the Reisa river.

2: Out to the Imofossen waterfall and along the Imojuvet canyon down to the Reisa river. This route is slightly more challenging, but you will be rewarded with the spectacular sight of the Imofossen waterfall.


Nedrefoss – Saraelv (28 km)

The leg from Nedrefoss leads along the western bank of the Reisa and involves little difference in altitude. The terrain switches between dry areas, damp riparian forest and scree. You must cross several rivers.

Nedrefosshytta: km 0
Voummadatgammen : km 6
Sieimma: km 19
Nordkalottstua (Ovi Raishiin): km 28

Alternatives: You have two options when you reach Sieimma:

1: Walk along the riverbank for 9 km to Saraelv.

2: Walk along the marked forest path for 4 km and then the forest road for 5 km to Ovi Raishiin and Saraelv.

Kilpisjärvi – Saraelv (87 km)

From Kilpisjärvi in Finland, the Nordkalott Trail leads through Finland’s only alpine area to the Reisa valley. There are several huts along this route and people generally spend four of five days on this section.

Kilpisjärvi – Somashytta (56 km)

The route from Kilpisjärvi to Somas has a gradual ascent in varied alpine terrain. There are several alternative routes and many places to stay indoors. Read more about the Finnish part of the route here.

Kilpisjärvi: km 0
Saarijärvi: km 11
Kuonjarjohka: km 21
Meekonjärvi: km 31
Pihtsusjärvi: km 43
Kopmajoki: km 53
Somashytta: km 56

Alternate ending point:
Guolasjávri via Halti from Pihtsusjärvi (18 km)
or from Somas (17 km)


Somashytta – Saraelv (31 km)

From Somas to Saraelv, you walk for approx. 27 km in gentle mountain terrain before the trail leads down into the Reisa valley for the final few kilometres. Please note there are no cabins on this section of the trail.

Nordkalottruta på finsk side er markert med stolper med oransje topp
Foto: Odd Rudberg