The hunting activity in Reisa National Park involves moose hunting and small game hunting of hares, grouse and some woodland birds. The moose hunters access the entire national park as one zone, and moose hunting is also possible further down the valley. Traditional grouse hunting is the form of hunting which attracts the most hunters to Reisa National Park. In comparison with other national parks and hunting areas in Troms county, there are relatively few hunters in the national park. This may be attributed to the fact that the core areas for hunting and fishing are difficult to reach and can normally only be accessed on foot.

The same hunting rules apply both inside and outside the national park boundaries. Everyone who wishes to hunt must be registered in the Norwegian Register of Hunters and must have paid hunting licence fee for the current hunting year. All hunting in Reisa National Park is organised by the state-owned enterprise Statskog.

Hunting in Reisa
Photo: Rune Benonisen