The project

The mountain areas around Halti have great natural and cultural values. The project Halti Interreg will create a cross-border cooperation area composed of Käsivarsi Wilderness Area in Finland, and the northern parts of Reisa National Park and Raisduottarhaldi Landscape Protection Area in Norway. The area has functional connections to Kilpisjärvi, Kåfjord and Storslett.

The purpose of the project Halti Interreg is to establish a cross-border cooperative body. Public authorities, locals, reindeer herding, and tourist entrepreneurs take part in the cooperation. The work is funded by the European Union. A Europark certificate for the cooperation area will be applied.

The main objective of Halti Interreg is to promote the sustainable use of the resources located in the landscape in respect of natural and cultural values. Information for visitors will be improved at Halti and Kilpisjärvi nature centres and by web services. A common visitor management plan will be prepared, within the frames given in official management plans of the protected areas.

No new protected areas will be established. The project will work within existing management plans and infrastructure. The implementation time of the project is 1.3.2018–31.5.2020.


Similar cross-border cooperation has been successfully operated between protected areas in Finland, Norway and Russia in Inari-Pasvik and Oulanka-Paanajärvi Transboundary Parks.


Project management and partners

The project Halti Interreg is led by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife, Finland.

Other project partners are:

  • Natural Resource Centre (LUKE) in Finland
  • Reisa National Park Board
  • Visitor Centre Halti National Park
  • Kåfjord Municipality
  • University of Tromsø – The Arctic university of Norway



Contact information

Pertti Itkonen, Project Manager, +358 400 193647, e-mail


Rune Benonisen, National Park Manager, +47 906 60 709, e-mail



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