Salmon fishing

The Reisa watercourse is a national salmon watercourse renowned as one of Norway’s best salmon rivers. You can catch salmon right up to the Imofossen waterfall, a full 85 km from the coast. Upriver from Imo is good for Arctic char fishing.

The salmon attract anglers from around the world. Every year, salmon weighing more than 20 kg are caught here. There are also Arctic char and sea trout in the river. The salmon fishing season in July and August is a highlight for many.

Remember to buy a fishing licence and familiarise yourself with the fishing regulations for the season before trying your luck in the Reisa river. For up-to-date fishing regulations and information about where to buy fishing licences, please visit:

The Reisa watercourse has been spared the salmon parasite Gyrodactylus salaris, which is found in neighbouring watercourses. Please help us avoid spreading by remembering to disinfect all fishing gear before use in the Reisa watercourse.

You can disinfect your fishing gear at Kronebutikken or Joker Havna Handel, both of which are in Sørkjosen.

Laksefiske i Imojuvet
Foto: Rune Steinsvik


Fiskelykke i Reisa
Foto: Rune Benonisen


Fishing in mountain waters

Reisa National Park contains many wonderful fishing lakes in the mountains. Many of these contain relatively large fish of very high quality. The chances of catching fish are high in the summertime and through a hole in the ice in winter. The main fish species in the lakes is Arctic char, but some of the lakes also have populations of trout. As the fishing lakes in Reisa are some distance from roads, there are never crowds of anglers.

The Statskog Norway Fishing Licence is valid for freshwater fishing in Reisa. You can buy this online at