Nordkalottstua is a cozy timber cabin situated at Ovi Raishiin, at the end of the road in Reisadalen valley.

The cabin accommodates 3-4 people. Booking can be done on site by phone or be pre booked. Price per night is EUR 30,- (NOK 300) per person or EUR 70,- (NOK 700) for the whole cabin. DNT members pay per night EUR 20,- (NOK 200) per person or EUR 60,- (600) for the whole cabin. The person who books the cabin, manages the cabin alone.

Read more about the cabin, facilities and rules of use here.

Pre booking of the cabin can be done at Halti National Park Center during opening hours, on the phone or by e-mail.

Contact information
Phone: +47 775 88 282 | +47 775 88 251 | +47 907 79 760
Web: |

Read more about Ovi Raishiin here.

Cabin, summer, sun, gravel path


Sieimmastua is a lovely timber cabin on the border to Reisa National Park.

The cabin accommodates 3-4 people. Booking can be done at the Halti building during opening hours, on the phone or by e-mail. The price is EUR 40,- (NOK 400) for the whole cabin per night.

Read more about the cabin, booking, rules and facilities here.

The cabin is owned and maintained by the Reisa National Park Board.

Contact information
Phone: +47 906 40 452  | +47 775 88 251

Cabin, grass, summer, sun


Sieimmahytta is an open cabin with simple standard located at the national park border.

The cabin can accommodate 4-6 people and is located on the east side of Reisaelva river (on the other side of Nordkalott Trail ). There is a boat that can be used to get across the river.

Facilities: Outdoor toilet, wood stove, wood, gas stove, various kitchen equipment, dining table and various cleaning equipment. Please note that available equipment may vary.

The cabin is owned and managed by Statskog. Read more about Sieimmahytta on Statskog’s pages here.

Cabin, river, forest, fall


Vuomatakkahytta is a small open timber cabin with simple standard.

The cottage can accommodate 2 people. There is a wood fire oven in the cottage and usually firewood is available.

The cabin is located in Reisa National Park along the Nordkalott Trail approx. 20 km up the valley from Saraelv.

The cabin is owned and managed by Statskog. Read more about Vuomatakkahytta on Statskog’s pages here.

Tømmerhytte, trær, sommer


Nedrefosshytta is a great timber cabin located in Reisa National Park. The cabin is situated about a day’s march from the entrance points Reisavann and Ovi Raishiin.

The cabin can accommodate 16 people and must be booked in advance. Prices and booking can be found here.

The cottage has good facilities and is well maintained. Read more about the cabin, booking, rules of use and facilities here.

The cabin is owned by Troms Turlag and managed by Nord-Troms Turlag.

Hytte, frodig, sommer


Naustihytta is an open cabin situated in Reisa National Park and can accommodate 6 people. The cabin is not located along the Nordkalott Trail, but at the end of a path on the east side of the river from a detour by Nedrefoss.

The cabin is operated by Nordreisa scooter and boat association, and members therefore have the right of use. Non-members must give way to members when the cabin is full. At late evening / night no one should have to give way.

Facilities: Outdoor toilet, cooking facilities, various kitchen utensils, utensils / frying pan, gas hob, sauna and firewood with dry wood.

Everyone who uses the cabin must clean after themselves – floors, tables, cups and tubs. Leave the cabin the way you wish to find it the next time. It is not possible to book the cabin in advance.

Prices: 50, – per night for members, 100, – per night for non-members.
Payment in cash left in the cabin or to bank account: 4740 11 87118.

Contact info:
Phone: + 47 48174084
Facebook: Nordreisa scooter and boat association


Hytte, elvebåter, elv, fjell, skog

The cabins in the National Park

Below is all the cabins inside Reisa National Parks, some are open and some has to be booked in advance.

NB: Because of the corona virus, the use of cabins is limited. Please contact us with any questions.


Open cabin/shelter

Owned by Statskog SF.

Location: The shelter is located just south of the Imofossen waterfall (20 km from Saraelv).

Simple standard, with little/no equipment in the cabin.


  • 2 beds


Open cabin/shelter

Location: Close to Imo. See map above or link.

Small cabin that has traditionally been used as a hunting and trapping booth. Owned by Statskog SF.


  • Simple standard
  • 2 beds



The cabin is closed for the time being and is not available for bookings. We will post new information as soon as we receive news about the cabin.

Price: 550, – per day

Owner: Statskog


Location: The cabin is located by Reisavannet, about 56 km from Saraelv (2-3 days march from Saraelv). From the center of Kautokein there are approx. 40 km on the road in the direction of Bieddjuvaggi, before taking the exit on the construction road. During winter you can use the snowmobile trail that runs between Nordreisa and Kautokeino, and walk the last 3 kilometers from the snowmobile trail to the cabin.



– Outhouse

– 6 beds

– stove

– Power


Somas, Ráisduottarháldi landskapsvernområde

Open cabin

Owner: Statskog

Location: The cabin is located at Somas in the Ráisduoattarháldi area, about 30 km from Saraelv along the Nordkalott trail from the north, and 56 km from Kilpisjärvi from the south. Therefore, a rough day march from Saraelv must be calculated. From the south there are several cabins on the Finnish side that you can use, with Kobmajokihytta 3 km away as the closest. Scooter trail from Gahperus in Reisadalen passes Somájávri. There are good fishing opportunities in Somájávri.



– Outhouse

– 4 beds

– stove


Sidusgophi in Reisa national park

Open shelter

Location: At the finnish border.

Simple standard



Owner: Fjelltjenesten SNO Troms.

Location: At the finnish border, just south of Reisa National Park


  • 4 beds
  • Simple standard